2 Timothy 2:15
“Study to show yourself approved of God…”

Dearly beloved,
Hope you have enjoyed this week’s study on Word Study…
Let’s round it up with a final instalment:

As established and clearly stated in our theme verse, the believer who is a student of the Word of God shows himself approved of God.
The Greek word translated “approved” in this verse is ‘dokimos’, which has two literal meanings:
1. acceptable, approved (as in Rom. 14:18).
2. tried, tested (as in James 1:12).

Thus, 2 Tim 2:15 is actually telling us: “Study to show yourself approved, tried and tested of God…”
Therefore, the challenge of studying God’s Word is just not a conduit for obtaining the approval of God but it is also a ‘test’ or ‘trial’ designed by God to build you up!
Making ample time to study God’s Word is a test every believer must pass – a challenge every Christian must overcome!

Your ability to study the Word is in itself a test of your mettle as a believer.
Your knowledge, and depth of study in the Word is one evidence(proof) that you are a Christian.

Furthermore, by studying and increasing in the knowledge of the Word you become a candidate acceptable for special service to the Lord!
Word study is of utmost importance when it comes to serving in the Lord’s vineyard because it increases the efficiency of your service;
Study enables you to labour according to knowledge and revelation rather than remain a busybody in the vineyard, toiling in ignorance!

Moreover, as you put the truths you have discovered through study to practice you will begin to reap splendid results!
These results reveal to the world the glory of God and His approval upon your life!!!

Dear one,
I believe in my heart of hearts that you are up to this all-important challenge…
Receive abundant grace for extensive study of God’s Word and may the Lord approve your efforts by miracles, signs, wonders and supernatural happenings in Jesus’ Name!!!

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