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Baptism In The Holy Spirit: To be baptized means to be immersed or submerged.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit or baptism in the Holy Spirit is a subject largely misunderstood by a greater percentage of the Body of Christ. Until we distinguish between “receiving the Holy Spirit” and “baptism in the Holy Spirit” as taught by the Scriptures, chances are that we may never be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Yet, it is the intent of God that we will receive the Holy Spirit after the new birth, and that the Holy Spirit in us would be given the right of way until He takes over our souls. It is only when the Holy Spirit has taken over one’s soul that one is said to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Receiving the Holy Spirit is the beginning of the journey into baptism in the Holy Spirit.

One could be baptized in the Holy Spirit the very day you receive the Holy Spirit depending on the disposition of your heart, your readiness to yield your soul under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and the hunger you have in you for the Holy Spirit to take over your soul.

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