23rd July, 2019




Ephesians 5:18 (NKJV)

[18] And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit


It is one thing to be joined to the Holy Spirit, and become one with Him; and it is an entirely different thing to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The disposition of your heart and the level of your yieldedness to the Holy Spirit in you, will determine the extent to which He will fill you.

Our theme Scripture admonishes us not to be drunk with wine, but rather, be filled with the Spirit. What alcohol does in the lives of people, the Holy Spirit does it better, with no side effects whatsoever. In effect, the Scripture is saying, instead of getting drunk with wine, be drunk with the Spirit; drunkeness with wine goes with dissipation; but when you’re drunk with the Spirit, you have boldness with soundness of mind.

The Holy Spirit comes to live in your spirit when you receive Him; your spirit is joined to Him, and you become one with Him. But, the fact that you’re one with the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean He has filled you up.

The Holy Spirit fills us up from within; the room you give Him is the one He fills. We learnt in our devotion, dated, 12th July, 2019, and titled, “Give The Holy Spirit The First Place”, that, when we give the Holy Spirit the first place through fellowship, He gains the preeminence, and that preeminence gives Him the right of way.

What that means is that, whatever faculty of your being you yield to the Holy Spirit through fellowship, that is the faculty He will fill. If you yield your mind, the Holy Spirit will fill your mind until you have the mind of Christ; if you yield your will, the Holy Spirit will fill you up until your will is submerged in His; if you yield your emotions under the influence of the Holy Spirit, He will fill you up until you’re charged with His emotions.

It is the Will of God that you get filled with the Holy Spirit to the overflow. It is the Mind of God to let the Holy Spirit fill you up until He takes over your soul.

At the level of infiling when the Holy Spirit has taken over your soul, at that level, you’re said to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

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