17th April 2019

READ: Exodus 14:21-31

“…that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.” – Romans 6:3-4

Pharaoh is a biblical model or type of Satan. This is because he keeps the people of God in bondage and refuses to let them go. What will break satanic strongholds in your life?

Follow the example of the Israelites and you will be free forever. Walking through the Red Sea is a powerful tool that God uses to eliminate your enemies – it stands for the dying process. Walking through the Red Sea is an action in which you rely on God’s grace; you do not depend on money, friends, family, or natural forms of assistance.

The devil is not all-powerful. To escape from Pharaoh and his agents, you need to go where he cannot follow. When you sacrifice to the Lord, you go through the Red Sea, because you walk through a dying and a losing process. When you walk through the Red Sea, you sacrifice your future and place yourself in the hands of God.

Satan’s aim is to keep you from Christ. The devil aims at keeping you from the ministry. Have you wondered why you have undergone such a struggle since you decided to serve the Lord? It is because Pharaoh is chasing hard on your heels. Walking through the Red Sea is a symbol of baptism; that you are dead to many things. When you die to yourself, your desires, your needs and your wants, you eliminate Pharaoh and all other enemies. When we are not afraid to walk into the Red Sea, when we allow ourselves to die in Christ, our enemies perish behind us!

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