CRUCIFY HIM or CROWN HIM (Surviving Every Persecution) By Sam Korankye Ankrah

(Surviving Every Persecution)


The leading priests and the teachers of religious law saw these wonderful miracles and heard even the children in the Temple shouting, “Praise God for the Son of David.” But the leaders were indignant. 
Matthew 21:15‭ NLT

Christ from this scripture had just performed mighty miracles and signs among the people; however, the temple leaders and priests who should have known better to acknowledge this, rather chose to oppose and persecute him.

Joseph in Genesis 37 was also hated and persecuted by his own brothers for being a dreamer and having great hopes. They said, “… let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns… Then we’ll see what becomes of his dreams!”Genesis 37:20

Often you will get persecuted:
1. For accepting Christ as your saviour
2. For deciding to live a holy life
3. For having big dreams and hopes
4. For taking a bold step and action
5. For challenging the status quo and daring to change things
6. By mere hatred of men and demonic attacks

The persecution notwithstanding, Christ succeeded in his mission and assignment. This you can also achieve:
1. When you have God by your side
2. When you have a defined purpose in life that powers your decisions and actions.
3. When you are a determined man.

I pray that God will grant you grace and strength to overcome every form of opposition and persecution that comes your way. As you crown Jesus, may He reign over your life and situation. Amen!


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