Discerning The Lord’s Body(Video): Prophet Samuel Excellence (IPR)

Discerning The Lord’s Body:

The Body of Christ is made up of many believers all over the world.
Believers who gather together in the Name of Jesus in a local assembly are viewed by the Lord as one body with many different parts. Just as the parts of the human body function together to give wholeness and wellness to the body, so the Lord expects members of His Body to function together as one, working towards the unity of the Body. 
When one does not understand how the Body of Christ works, he/she can bring judgement unto him/herself because the individual does not know that when one member of the Body of Christ suffers, the whole Body suffers; and when one member is honoured, the whole Body rejoices. 
If we’re to discern the Lord’s Body, we will seek one another’s wellbeing as a church rather than the infighting that often plagues us.
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