29th October 2019

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills


READ: Mark 10:2-12

“And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.“ – Mark 10:11

Many do not understand the stance of the Lord Jesus on divorce. The Lord says that it is sin to put away your spouse and to marry another. There is a reason for this. Many of the problems encountered by one marriage are encountered by another.

When taken over by deception, many spouses become discontented with each other. You have a husband who feels there is a better woman out there. There are men who imagine that there would be a more exciting, less quarrelsome, less moody, less emotional lady out there. This husband is affected by delusions.

Deluded women are constantly discontent with their husbands. They wish they had a more charming, caring, suave, smooth-talking gentleman. They super-imagine what it would be like to be married to such people.

This is why Jesus said it was a sin to put away your wife and marry another. Jesus knew that you would only marry another of the same kind! If you are a woman, you would only remarry another “unemotional”, “non-communicating”, “liking too much sex” male! The divorced man would only remarry another weaker vessel, another of the same kind!

What is worrying is when you think you have a strange or deficient spouse. A little reading will establish for you the fact that you simply have another of the same kind! May you have a spirit of contentment and peace!

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