14th June 2019

READ: John 14:1-11

“…he that hath seen mehath seen the father… “ – John 14:9

One day, a couple sat before me at the counselling table. The lady said to me, “Oh Bishop, I am your daughter.” But I corrected her and said, “You are not my daughter; you are just a church member.” She looked hurt, but I continued, “You are a very nice church member who is always smiling around and encouraging us, but that doesn’t make you a daughter.”

There are five types of church members: very nice people (VNPs), very encouraging people (VEPs), very important people (VIPs), very significant people (VSPs) and very dangerous people (VDPs). I went on to explain to this VNP lady. “My children look like me, don’t they?” She nodded. Then I asked her, “What similarity is there between you and I? You are not a shepherd, You are not involved in the ministry and you do nothing in church. You are just a nice person, but you are not a daughter.” She finally understood the point I was making. Just being around and being nice does not make you a son or a daughter.

A son/daughter resembles his/her father. Jesus said “…HE THAT HATH SEEN ME HATH SEEN THE FATHER…” (John 14:9).When you see my sons and daughters in the ministry, you will find that they have some resemblance to me ministerially. The similarities between sons and fathers are the greatest telltale signs of the relationship.

A son is not a clone or a photocopy of the father. But he has very important and essential traits that he received from his father.

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