22nd July 2019

READ: Malachi 1:6-8

“A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then i be a father, where is mine honour?…” – Malachi 1:6

Don’t expect honour from servants or employees. You can only expect lip-service and unreal smiles from employees.

You can expect honour from a real son. Ministry should be made out of sons, daughters and their father.

One mega church pastor said to me, “I have had many bad experiences by appointing pastors from other churches and Bible schools. Now I only have my spiritual sons and daughters working with me in the ministry.”

That is the way it should be. Your true sons and daughters will only bring honour to you. Apart from a few prodigal sons, most sons and daughters bring honour and joy to their father.

God has often led me to honour people who have been fathers to me. I have tried to honour them in private and in public. I have honoured them with my words and with my substance.

True sons and daughters honour their father with their substance. It is a shame for your father or mother to struggle financially when you could help them. Do you want your father and mother to beg you for money? That is not honouring your father. That is humiliating them. Even when your father and mother do not need anything, you must honour them with your substance because that is what the Bible teaches.

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