How I Became The Ghetto Preacher By Stanley Sowah


Before my birth a prophecy went ahead of me to my parent concerning a male SON who would become Servant of GOD.

Few years after my birth, I was proving so stubborn that my dad told my mum that he believes the REAL PROPHETIC CHILD is yet to be born so I was asked to leave the house to STAY with someone else because my attitude is becoming unbearable.

After about 5 years I was brought back thinking I would be transformed by the treatment I received from the other side but I still continued with a very tyranic attitude.

My dad once look into my face and said to me.. YOU ARE useless and a thwart.

But one day I heard about JESUS CHRIST who is able to TRANSFORM LIVES, I accepted him as my LORD and SAVIOUR and since that time my LIVE has NEVER been the SAME.

Before the death of my dad, on HIS sick bed he called me by his side and said: Eventhough You are my only SON among 6 siblings, You are WORTH more than 10 sons to me.

Beloved, the reason why I PREACH THIS JESUS CHRIST is because he didn’t only TRANSFORM me but He has made me a BLESSING unto MANY and given meaning to my LIFE.

The prophecy that was given before my birth started manifesting when JESUS came into my LIFE.

I recommend THIS same JESUS to you today. I tried to be good but it didn’t WORK because it is not by strength.

Today I am the pastor of a church where HALF of my congregation are people tagged by society as tyrannic and addicts but I LOVE to pastor them because I know how it feels like to be at that state. By the GRACE of God I have seen LIVES transformed from the GHETTO…. AND I am proud to be THE GHETTO PREACHER!

Mar 10:27

Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

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