19th April 2019
READ: 1 Timothy 2:1-3
“The king’s heart is in the hand of The LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whitheresoever he will” – Proverbs 21:1
If you do not pray for those who have authority over you, your life may become frustrated. The more you pray Timothy’s prayer, the more favourable the thoughts of your boss will be towards you.
Young people must pray for their fathers in order to have the favour of God. When I was in the university, I asked my father for a car. I realized that he was spending a lot of money on horse racing. You see, my father had one of the largest horse racing stables in the country. He employed many people and bought horses from all over West Africa.
My prayers for him made the Lord turn his heart in my favour and he bought a brand new car for me. I rejoiced and used that car for the glory of God. I was the first member of Lighthouse Chapel International to own a car. 
It became the church bus and the church taxi. I was happy to use it in this way, because I knew that the Lord had provided it.
From today, every wife that prays for her husband will experience quietness! Your “unbeliever” husband will allow you to go to church! He will not oppose your Christian life anymore because you are praying for him! 
God can bless you through those who are in authority over you. As you pray for them, God will give you favour!
I see God turning the heart of every king in your life! I see many blessings rising up to embrace you! As you pray for fathers, bosses and presidents, you will experience only godliness, peace and quietness.
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