24th April 2019

READ: Nehemiah 5:1-18

“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” – 1 Corinthians 14:8

There are times that making suggestions and giving advice will not work. You must give a clear command to the troops.

If you are too weak to give a command you cannot be a leader. Leaders must give advice and make suggestions. But a leader must also give commands. There are times that you have to say, “Go!”

The Lord revealed that a certain pastor in my outfit was disloyal to me. He said to me, “Give a clear command.” He told me that after I gave the command, the disloyal element would manifest. I called two pastors to my office and told them, “I have given you suggestions and advice before. But now I am explicitly instructing you to move out of this city into the following towns.” I continued, “In other words I am transferring you.” You see, I had taken my place as a strong leader of my church.

One of the pastors smiled and said, “I think that this is a good opportunity to inform you of my decision to resign.” This young man had been hatching a plan for some time. He had not had the courage to disclose it. I had known that his heart was not with me. Giving the strong command had brought out what was in him.

Pray for strength and courage to be a good leader. Giving commands will establish your position as a leader and will expose disloyal elements within your ranks. Develop the art of commanding. Of course, you must not go about commanding everyone. You can only command your troops.

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