Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil

Monday, 18th November, 2019


Whoever has no rule over his own spirit, is like a city broken down, without walls. —Proverbs 25:28

If you want to see real progress in your life, you have to step up and take responsibility for the things that God has placed in your care. Don’t blame your circumstances, your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, your boss, employees, pastor or government. Don’t even blame the devil or witches and wizards. Your failures are your fault, the product of your attitude.

Certainly, the world system can contribute to our difficulties. People who dislike us can create lots of problems for us. And the environment we live in may be full of negativity and deep-seated challenges. Our family and past may even be a liability to us. All these challenges are real and accepted. However, these are not responsible for our failures.

The real reason for human failure is rooted in our attitude. God did not create humans to be passive and powerless. He did not create us to just allow life’s circumstances to control us. In the creation mandate of Genesis chapter one, He commanded us to ‘have dominion’. To have dominion is to take charge and rule. Take charge of your mind, your attitude and choices. Don’t just sit around and blame people who are also trying to live their own lives.

To move forward, you must take charge of your own negative attitudes. You must take charge of your tendency to make bad choices. You must take charge of your tendency to procrastinate. You must take charge of your fear. You must take charge of your poor human relations. Don’t allow circumstances to determine your future. God has given you the power to determine your own destiny. Take charge and move on!

Prayer: Lord, strengthen me to take control of my life, and move forward to achieve great things for your glory.

Scriptural Reading: Proverbs 25:21-28


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