1st June 2019

READ: Luke 11:5-13

…blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” – Matthew 11:6

In Luke 11, Jesus told us a story of a man who needed three loaves of bread. This man buried his shame and embarrassment and went to his friend’s house at a very odd hour. The master of the house was woken up. He might have shouted, “What is happening? The servant of the house probably replied, “It’s the neighbour. He says he wants some bread for his visitors.”

Most of us would not disturb even our best friends at midnight. How much more to ask for something trivial like bread!

But Jesus’ message here is very simple. If you are ashamed to press for certain things, you will never achieve them. If you are shameless in the work of God, you will accomplish things that others will only dream about! God has shown me that people who are very concerned about their public image cannot achieve much for God.

When I first began to pray for the sick, I was very worried about what people would think about me. Many times whilst standing on stage, the devil would tell me, “Don’t even bother to call out for testimonies, no one will be healed.” The devil told me, “Do not disgrace yourself any further. Just end the service here and send the people home.”

But the Spirit of the Lord rose up within me and I said to myself, “I am not ashamed. If no one gets healed this time, I will do it again! One day, someone will get healed.” I am glad to say that many have been healed. Shamelessness is the key you need to accomplish great things for God!

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