Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil

Monday, 2nd December, 2019


When her neighbours and relatives heard how the Lord had shown great mercy to her, they rejoiced with her. —Luke 1:58

It seems simple enough to think that when good things happen to others, everyone else will be happy for them. But the reality of life is that not everyone is happy when good things happen to others. Sometimes a person’s good news makes us remember with pain our own bad news or bad condition.

Another person’s promotion, victory or blessing can make us appear as failures in comparison. Their rising can make you more conscious of the valley you find yourself in. Their victory can remind you of your own defeat. Their happiness can make you painfully aware of your sadness and struggles.

That makes it tough for us to be truly happy for others. In place of happiness for others, we can have resentment, hatred or jealousy.

With that in mind, the Lord calls us to rise to a higher ground. It is the ground of the mature the ground of those who know what it is to trust in the Lord. Those who stand on that ground know these things:

• What God has done for others He can do for me. The same God who makes others happy has the power to make me happy also.

• My friend’s happiness does not subtract from my happiness. God does not ration His miracles. He is not limited in what He can do for His children.

• My life is not a duplication of anybody’s life. Each one of us follows a different path. We are all unique and experience life differently.

• I am on God’s mind. God has not forgotten about me. He cares for me and knows my needs.

Prayer: I thank you Lord, for all the good things you do for me and my loved ones.

Scriptural Reading: Luke 1:57-66


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