22nd May 2019

READ: Matthew 25:31-46

For the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath day.” – Matthew 12:8

In my walk with God, I have found that many things that were right became wrong when the Lord was not leading me there. Prayer is good but unbelievably, there is a time when it is not a good thing to pray. It may be time to preach or time to rest and you may be in prayer. The well-accepted biblical rule that we should pray without ceasing has variations and exceptions, sometimes based on timing.

God is not a book. The Bible is not God. The Bible contains the principles, the rules and the Scriptures. It takes a personal and intimate relationship with God to stay close to God. The Pharisees were sticklers for the rules and principles they had found. Because they did not know God, they thought God was a principle or a rule. Jesus showed repeatedly that knowing God was more than knowing rules and principles. God is the author of these rules and laws.

The Lord warned me to follow Him and not to become a Pharisee who was so bent on the laws and principles he had learnt. The same Jesus whose last words were, “Go into the world and preach the gospel,” is the same Jesus who said, “When I was hungry, you did not feed me. When I was sick, you did not come. When I was in prison, you never thought of me.” How quickly we become Pharisees filled with self-righteousness, as we are so sure we are doing the right thing. A deeper understanding of Jesus’ words will reveal what it means to walk with God.

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