26th May 2019

READ: Philippians 2:12-21

“For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.” – Philippians 2:21

Selfishness is the principal reason why many people do not get involved in the lay or tent ministry.
Most people are basically self-centred in their outlook of life; they have no concerns for anyone except themselves. They are engrossed in the little world they have built around themselves.

Selfishness speaks of self-centredness, self-concern, self-awareness, self-help and self-gratification. A selfish person can never be a servant of the Lord.

Selfishness makes you think about yourself but ministry makes you think about people you do not even know.

The Apostle Paul lamented about this phenomenon.
He noted that all men seek for their own welfare. He said, “No one cares for the things of the Lord.” We are all selfish by nature but the deeper we get in the Lord, the less selfish we become.

The barrenness of most Christians is a result of the spirit of selfishness, which has not been broken yet. “Who cares if they go to Hell? At least I am going to Heaven. At least I am well. Who cares if there is some dirty old prisoner languishing in jail? At least I am free.” That is the spirit of selfishness at work in the church and in the Christian.

If Jesus were selfish, He would not have left His throne in glory and come to this rotten world.

Selfishness is the commonest cause of “abortion” in ministry.

Selfishness is one of the highest kinds of human depravity.

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