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The Altar And The Pulpit: 

The altar is a place of sacrifice. 
A preacher who mounts the altar and does his own bidding other than the Will of God hasn’t understood the right use of the altar yet. 
The greatest altar ever, in human history, is the Cross of Jesus Christ; because our Lord Jesus went to the Cross, not to do His own Will, but the Will of the Father who sent Him. 
If we’re to make any lasting impact with the gospel in this end-time, we must remember the sacrifice of Jesus of Himself on the Cross, and be prepared to present our bodies as living sacrifices on the altars we have dedicated in our churches. Likewise, pulpit simply means, “pull from the pit.” 
The pulpits on our altars in our churches are to be used for no other purpose than to pull members of our congregation from the various “pits” they might have found themselves. So many of our church folks are in pits of sin, poverty, sickness, divorce, disappointment, death, just to name a few. 
Until and unless we use our pulpits to pull such church members from those pits, our pulpits wouldn’t be different from any other podium found in the social, entertainment and political circles.
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