The Crippled Hand Restored By Pastor Mensa Otabil

The Crippled Hand Restored
Luke 6:6-11; Matthew 12:9-13; Mark 3:1-5

Jesus once again heals a man whose hand was paralyzed. In this miracle we see how Christ restored the man to wholeness. This man had a crippled hand which meant he couldn’t be productive. The hand is what we use to work; it is also sign of power or strength. Whenever a hand is crippled, it means it has become unfruitful, unproductive, cursed and a limitation.

This man perhaps had to bear the garment of shame by begging for alms because of his predicament. But Jesus Who is the healer restored him. May be you are handicapped in an area of your life or you feel limited because of your failing health, dying business or broken life.

But the same Jesus Who healed this man is touching you right now. Every spiritual paralysis in your life is broken in the name of Jesus. You are free from everything that makes you unfruitful and unproductive. The power of God is available to set you free from shame; disgrace shall not be your portion. Your destiny will not be held bound by any witchcraft spirit!

Every cycle of failure comes to an end now! Every legal argument raised against your breakthrough is nullified! Christ has canceled out every legal violation you had on your record. He erased it all! Destinies are being restored right now! Lives are being changed. Strength is coming to you. Healing is coming to you. Jesus is touching lives. The power of the evil one is broken because of the blood. Lord! We thank you for deliverance. 


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