The Empowered Church by Rev Eastwood Anaba

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Theme: The Relevant Church

Topic: The Empowered Church

Scripture Reading:
Ephesians 6:10-18

Main Text
2 Thessalonians 3:3
But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

We are in partnership with Jesus Christ in the war against hell. Jesus’ commitment to build the Church does not mean we should stand idly by and allow the devil to have a field day in the Church. Jesus builds the Church by giving us access to the throne of grace and the platform of empowerment through prayer. The apostle Paul asked the Thessalonians to pray for him and his team to be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men (2 Thessalonians 3:1-2).

After the completion of our church building in Bolgatanga, an uncle of mine who is an animist approached me and said “ My son you are really a man. It is amazing you have completed this building and  are still alive and healthy.” He said they live in the land and know what goes on in the realm of darkness. What he was implying was that there were evil forces and men who won’t allow someone to live if he or she undertakes a venture like building churches. He did not know that Jesus said “I will build my church.”

The Church does not exist on earth just to resist the gates of hell but to release heaven’s blessings unto the earth. Jesus Christ said the Church has the power to bind and to loose (Matthew 16:18-19). By binding and loosing, the Church guarantees its continuance and regulates the inflow of blessings to the earth. A relevant church is impregnable against satanic assault and is strategic in releasing heavenly grace to the world.

1. Pray and declare that your local church will not die but will grow to make more impact on the land.
2. Pray and declare that you will not die but live to declare that which the Lord has purposed for you.

Extract From:
“Building a Solid Church” by Eastwood Anaba
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