5th April, 2019




Daniel 9:27 (NKJV)

Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;

But in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.

And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, is poured out on the desolate.”


The history of the world revolves around the nation Israel; what happens to Israel has direct prophetic implications on the calendar of the world. Ever since Israel was proclaimed as a state in May 1948, there have been conflicts between Israel and her Palestinian neighbours as to who rightfully owns the holy land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

Several attempts have been made by the United Nations (U.N) to resolve the conflict between Israel and her neigbours, and to bring lasting peace. Since the 1970s, there have been talks and negotiations, and all the peace treaties that were signed between Israel and her neighbours couldn’t yield the much desired peace.

It’s upon the premise of working towards lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinian nations, that, an influential person, who is believed to be the anti-Christ will emerge. Our theme Scripture says, “…he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week..” The word “covenant” refers to a “treaty.” In Daniel chapter 9, “one week” refers to “seven years.” This influential person will guarantee that it is possible for Israel to dwell at peace with her neighbours, and that, it should be experimented for seven years. 

He will pioneer the signing of the final peace treaty, with the assurance that, if there are no conflicts between Israel and the Palestinian nations for seven years, that would be the guarantee that Israel can dwell at peace with her neigbours forever. But according to our theme Scripture, this same person will breach his contract in the middle of the one week covenant; that is, three-and-a half years after the implementation of the final peace treaty, this same person will seek to exterminate the nation Israel, for reasons we will discuss in subsequent devotions.

The Church may, or may not be in the world at the time the final peace treaty is signed, but before its implementation, the rapture would have occurred. Remember, God has not appointed the Church to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:9-10). What a joy to know Jesus and to long for His coming!

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