The Spirit of Wisdom By Rev Eastwood Anaba

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Theme: Purpose

Topic: The Spirit of Wisdom

Scripture Reading:
Luke 4:1-19

Main Text:
Isaiah 11:2
2  And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;

Wisdom is the application of knowledge and understanding to obtain results. It is the practical application of knowledge and understanding. With wisdom, we formulate strategies to win. Wisdom produces skilfulness in people. The anointing gives us skill to produce excellence. It is strange when people claim to be anointed but are very disorganised and unproductive. Others speak without discretion and claim to be under the anointing. Foolish talk has nothing to do with the anointing. A speaker must know how to address his or her audience. There are acceptable standards for public speaking. We cannot break the rules under the pretext of being under the anointing (Ecclesiastes 10:1-2).

We must be wise in mind, word and action. Understanding is the coordination of knowledge whereas wisdom is the application of coordinated knowledge. We cannot apply knowledge we don’t understand. Understanding however, is vain until we apply it to solve problems and demonstrate God’s power. Jesus Christ increased in wisdom and stature (Luke 2:49-52). Jesus Christ operated in wisdom during His earthly ministry and this enabled Him to avoid conflict when it was necessary to do so. It is common for the anointing to face opposition and persecution. Wisdom enables us to avoid unnecessary battles or sustain injuries God did not sanction in our lives.

A typical example of the Spirit of wisdom operating in Jesus Christ’s life was the action He took when the Pharisees tried to entangle Him with the issue of paying tax to Caesar. He applied wisdom and told the audience to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s and to God what was God’s (Matthew 22:15-22). Jesus Christ was not afraid of Caesar but He did not come to the earth to argue about matters of taxation. He came to seek and save the lost. Our Saviour did not allow Himself to be diverted. He knew His assignment. Wisdom stays on course and chooses its battles wisely.

1. Pray and ask God for special wisdom in your area of life.
2. Pray also that the wisdom God gives you will be seen and bring you blessings.

Extract From:
“For This Purpose” by Eastwood Anaba

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