Trust His Judgement By George Agyemang

Trust His Judgement

Trains were built for rails.

Cars were built for roads.

It will be abnormal for a train to want to use the road meant for the car simply because it is smooth and newly asphalted.

It will also be absurd for a car to want to use a railway because it was newly commissioned for use and is making headlines all over.

Just like these two examples, our paths in life were designed for our specific journeys. God’s definition of your success is not the same as HIS definition of the success of others. You were design on purpose and built to last in your own path for your specific journey. The day we lose sight of this truth is the day we begin to inflict ourselves with the needless pressures of life.

Know your destination. Embrace your journey. Keep the pace and endure the temporal pain associated with the path. God placed you on that path because HE has wired you to excel on it.

GOD, the designer of your path, considered your journey.

Trust HIS judgement.


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