The Potter’s Guide
Prophet Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.
1Timothy 6:12

From the days of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violence can take their portion. It takes some spiritual violence to fulfil your glorious destiny. You certainly need some degree of spiritual violence to fulfil your destiny. 1Timothy 6:12 says “Fight the good fight of faith…..” You are an ordained fighter. Nobody wins a prize in any contest without putting on a fight. It takes a fight of faith to live a triumphant life.

Jesus told the parable of a certain woman who needed justice and went to see an unjust judge. The unjust judge will not give her attention, but she kept going to this unjust judge till this man had to finally give her a hearing. Jesus ended up saying “Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:1-8). There is a type of faith that will always produce results. It is called ‘Violent Faith’- the faith that won’t let go until the desired result is obtained.

Pray and ask God to give you an aggressive faith.

Nobody wins a prize in any contest without first putting on a fight.

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