Wisdom is a defense


The Potter’s Guide

Prophet Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie

Topic: Wisdom is a defense

For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to them that have it.


The wisdom of God is the surest defense for your Christian walk. It protects you from demonic manipulations. By wisdom, you can live above all the odds of life and not be hurt. Through wisdom, you can become actively involved in life without offending or being offended. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the right application of Biblical knowledge and understanding. Wisdom is the ability to make sensible decisions by applying the word of God to your life.

God’s wisdom is a defense from satanic confrontations. What brings your prompt deliverance when faced with demonic opposition is your ability to apply the wisdom of God. This means that if you are a doer of God’s word, you will surely win every battle in your life. All you have to say to the devil is “It is written” and he will have no excuses. The word of God is the wisdom of God and it is eternal, just as God is eternal.


Pray and ask God to help you not to become wise in your eyes but in the fear of Him.


Wisdom is the right application of Biblical knowledge and understanding

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